Pomeranian Spitz in Volgograd

The first Pomeranian Spitz appeared in my house in 2012. Frankly, it was love at first sight! Every day my love for this breed only intensifies and now I own the Pomeranian Spitz kennel in Volgograd.

A typical Pomeranian is an incredibly charming creature with a mild character, strong health and good manners. Believe me, once you see this miracle, you can not resist anymore!

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Pomeranian Dog Breed History

First of all I would like to tell a little about the roots of this breed. This breed was named in honor of the historic territory in the south of the Baltic Sea - Pomerania. At the moment this territory belongs at once to two countries: the western part to the land of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany, the rest to Poland.

Unfortunately, the more exact place of "birth" of this breed is still unknown, but despite this, a number of researchers hold the opinion that Deutscher Spitz-Zwergspitz come from the northern European part, that is, they have a common homeland with German Spitz.

It should be noted that Pomeranians became widely known in the 18th century. Then they were the domestic favorites of commoners, and then they joined the families of the higher strata of the population - aristocrats and royal families. But in the middle of the 19th century, their popularity declined significantly due to the importation into Europe of the sacred dogs of Chinese emperors - Pekingese.

The former popularity of the Pomeranian Spitz was restored quite quickly, because the domestic favorite of Queen Victoria was the Pomeranian dog. Due to this, the breed was given special attention by the English Kennel Club and dog breeders. The latter sought to maximally reduce the size of an adult representative of this breed, so the Club had to introduce restrictions in the standard, that related to the minimum permissible weight for obtaining permission to take part in dog shows.

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Pomeranian Spitz Breed Description

If you compare photos of the Spitz of the 19th century and the modern Spitz, then you are most likely to be surprised, because they will have only a common charm. And this is normal, because the breed must always keep up with the times, develop, and not stand in one place. Modern representatives of this breed are much more compact, their wool has become much denser and softer, and their fluffy tails-rings and fox eyes give them an incredible likeness with plush toys.

The modern standard of the International Cynological Federation (FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale) states that dogs of this breed must possess a strong physique, as well as the following characteristics:

  • The head should be of medium size with a distinct transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The forehead should be round and wide enough.
  • The muzzle should be shorter than the frontal region, but, at the same time, it should not be pointed. The lips must be dry, and must also fit snugly together. Good black pigmentation.
  • Teeth should be of medium size, bite - normal (scissors).
  • The ears should be in the form of a triangle, closely set, straight (standing), not folded.
  • The eyes are medium in size and slightly slanting, so that the Pomeranian has a slightly cunning look.
  • The neck is long enough, not short. Must be an expert examination, since a rich coat can create the illusion of a small neck.
  • The thorax should be deep and wide.
  • The back of the Spitz should be straight and should pass into a fairly short lumbar region.
  • The fore and hind legs must be straight, and must also be placed parallel to each other. Paws should be compact and round in shape.
  • The tail should be set high. Middle length. Without creases.

It is very important that a Pomeranian maximally meet the above standards, such as height, body weight and so on. After all, this not only affects the appearance of the dog and its pedigree value (the breed class), but also on its health.

On the Internet, you can often see the mention of Pomeranian bear type. As a rule, their head is more rounded, and the muzzle is more flattened (baby face). Their muzzle is more fluffy (especially on the cheeks), so they are very similar to the bears. Hence the name.

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Pomeranian Dogs Colors

Distinctive feature of all Pomeranian Spitz dogs is undoubtedly their wool. This makes them so attractively fluffy clouds. The number of colors is incredibly diverse. But, it also should be noted that the color of their wool becomes permanent only to 6 months (after the first molt).

Our kennel breeds Pomeranian dogs of orange and orange-sable colors, but the FCI standard of Pomeranian Spitz also allows such color variations as:

  • bright red color;
  • white color;
  • orange color;
  • cream color;
  • wolf sable color;
  • black color;
  • chocolate color;
  • blue color;
  • red sable color;
  • orange sable color;
  • black and tan color;
  • parti colored color.

It should also be noted that the American Kennel Club operates according to its standard, that also allows other (they are still unrecognized in the FCI) colors of Pomeranians. These include the following colors:

  • chocolate sable and beaver colors;
  • blue color;
  • chocolate sable color;
  • blue and tan color;
  • chocolate and tan color;
  • brindle color;
  • tri-color colors;
  • merle colors: blue merle, merle and tab, sable merle.
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Pomeranian Spitz Character

Perhaps, like all representatives of small breeds, Pomeranian dogs are quite active and funny dogs. They will run, jump, play with the owner and frolic in every possible way, because this brings them incredible pleasure. They are not prone to conflict. At the first meeting with a stranger (this can refer to both people and dogs on walks) they are more likely to exercise caution, but if the stranger behaves in a friendly manner, he will certainly receive a positive response from this dog.

According to my personal observations, Pomeranian Spitz are accommodating in relations with people, but are prone to leadership in relations with their four legged friends. They are slightly vulnerable, so do not claim the territory already occupied by Spitz - it can be offended. Of course, they allow the owner to do everything 🙂 I can not say that Spitz do not get along with cats - they either tolerate them or are good friends with them.

Answering the question "Who will this breed suit for?" I can say for sure that the person who decided to have a Pomeranian puppy must be ready to pay much attention to caring for this charming cloud, because any representative of this breed needs increased attention and care, otherwise it will become irritable.

I recommend buying a Pomeranian dog for families without children or with children over 4 years old. In this case a puppy will become a real companion, friend and a guard (in some way) for you and/or your children.

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Spitz Training

Pomeranian dogs are very amenable to learning. In order to educate the Spitz you need only a little kindness and patience. Training should take place in an absolutely comfortable environment for both you and your pet. Optimal, in my opinion, a place for this - at home, because a puppy or a dog at home will be surrounded only by familiar sounds and smells, nothing will distract it from you and your commands. Thus, you can achieve maximum concentration of a puppy. You will be surprised how quickly and easily your pet can learn the commands. As for good manners, I personally will take care of the socialization of a puppy, and also I will teach it to use the pads and gnaw only specially bought toys for it, before it will move to your house.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the Pomeranian Spitz is a breed that requires the greatest possible contact with a person, therefore such a dog can not live separately from people (on a chain, in an enclosure, in remote premises, in cages). If a puppy lives side by side with its owner, it will harmoniously grow and develop.

In connection with the increased activity of Pomeranian, they require sufficient physical activity. You can play with the ball, take a Spitz on various activities and walks. Country trips (for example, to a forest or a country house) are also welcome, but do not forget in this case about precautions (if you plan to go anywhere from home with a dog, always put a collar with a medal on dog, as well as a harness, if you plan to enter the open territories).

Believe me, if you pay enough attention and love to your Spitz, then it will definitely give you love in return!

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Pomeranian Spitz Dog Nutrition

When I transfer my puppies to new families, I recommend not to change the diet that is already habitual for a puppy. Of course, I give the new owners detailed instructions on the proper feeding, as well as the necessary care for a puppy.

In my cattery, I use mixed food: dry food of superpremium class, as well as natural products (meat, dairy and sour-milk products). Also, I add extra vitamins to the diet. I strongly do not recommend you to feed a puppy or an adult dog with the products you cook for yourself, as well as various porridges, because this can cause serious health problems.

The food should be warm (not cold and not hot). Be sure to provide constant access to clean drinking water.

Do not give sweet, salty or smoked products, as well as pork, sausage and other similar products.

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Care for Pomeranian Puppies and Dogs

Pomeranian dogs need careful care. Of course, the main time will be spent on caring for their pride - thick, long, shiny and soft hair. But do not be scared! It's not as difficult as it seems.

First, you need to comb your Pomeranian Spitz using a special comb with a large number of teeth, which is called a "slicker brush". Do this no more than 1 time a week. To finish each such procedure I recommend combing using an ordinary comb. It is not necessary to comb Pomeranian every day, because it can lose its effective density of the coat due to such actions.

Secondly, it is necessary to bathe the Pomeranian Spitz, but only if a dog is dirty or if some important event is to be held (dog show, photo shoot, etc.). Before bathing, comb a dog, so it will be easier for you to do all the following stages of bathing.

Thirdly, it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the teeth, because this is the weak point of small dogs. Dogs, like people, need to brush their teeth, but not with such frequency (optimal - every 2 weeks). Do this with a special toothpaste for dogs, as well as a soft brush (usually it comes with a paste). When planning visits to the veterinarian, be sure to pay attention to the teeth of your pet. Maybe your pet will need ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

Fourth, it is necessary at least once a week to examine the eyes and ears of your pet. If you notice any contaminants that do not have a sharp odor and are from clear to pale yellow, you need to gently clean the ears, using ear sticks and warm water. If the discharge has a sharp odor, they are abundant or have a color different from that described above, if your dog scratches ears or shakes its head - this is an excuse to contact the veterinarian.

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Pomeranian Dogs Photos

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Pomeranian Dogs Videos

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Pomeranian Puppies Price

This breed is now very popular, so the number of kennels that breed Pomeranian Spitz is quite large. Even in our region kennels are located not only in Volgograd, but also in other large and smaller towns of the Volgograd region: Vologda, Cherepovets, Volzhsky, Kamyshin, etc.

If we talk about prices, then you can buy a Pomeranian puppy even quite inexpensively, it is only worth looking at the proposals for Avito (Russian Сraigslist). Not for 1000 Russian rubles, of course 🙂

But now I would like to talk about how the price of a Pomeranian puppy in my kennel is formed.

First of all, I would like to note that all my puppies move to a new house not earlier than they are 2,5-3 month old, they are all fully vaccinated and have documents that confirm their origin. Also they are all socialized, pads trained and have good manners.

Before such a puppy is born, I need to buy its parents. It's not a secret that high-quality Pomeranian Spitz dogs with a good pedigree (well-known ancestors-champions) and with the right to breed are expensive (amount with three 0 in USD).

As a rule, my future breeding dogs come to me when they are puppies. And from that moment they get the same quality food and care as all the dogs that already live in my house. It costs a lot.

After they become parents, the costs of raising their children are added to the total costs. I also feed puppies only with quality food, meat, dairy and fermented milk products. Medical manipulations (vaccination, veterinary treatment, etc.) are also carried out only by high-quality imported drugs. Thus, it turns out that a thoroughbred healthy puppy of Pomeranian Spitz can not be cheap, because from the time of its conception and until its move to a new house, a large amount of money is spent. Above, of course, I did not take into account all the time that I put in each of the puppies.

The price of a puppy in my kennel depends on its gender, color, breeding class (PET, BREED, BREED & SHOW) and the purpose of the purchase (as a neutered pet or for breeding).

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