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Hello, my dear friends and gusets!

I'm glad to welcome you on the pages of my site. My name is Lidia. I am engaged in professional breeding of Scottish Fold & Straight cats and Pomeranian (German miniature) dogs.

All my cats live in our family in Volgograd. The cattery is registered in the WCF system and it is in "Amulet-Cat" club. The cattery is called "Golden Life". How did we come up with this name? I thought for a long time about how to name my cattery. I wanted the name of the cattery to be not just a collection of beautiful words, but it also made sense. In the literal sense of the word, the name of the cattery corresponds to the life of my cats, because all my cats live in good conditions, run freely through the rooms, no one sits in cages. All of them eat good super-premium foods and natural products (meat and dairy products). All of them receive proper attention, care and maintenance. All cats are vaccinated with imported vaccines according to the scheme, starting from 2 months of age, also, all cats are subjected to the necessary examinations and veterinary treatments.

I am a certified veterinarian: first I graduated from college, and then the Volgograd State Agricultural Academy (VSAA), now called Volgograd State Agrarian University. I am also a certified cynologist (I graduated from the A.A Sharov DZVK college).

The purpose of the cattery is to get a healthy offspring that will most closely match the breed standard, so that looking at my animals the heart rejoices and stops from their beauty so that animals take prizes at exhibitions and delight their owners. The colors of cats in our cattery are diverse, mostly blotched (marble), spotted, bright, now we have a silver shaded junior cat. The colors of dogs at the moment are orange, orange-sable.

Scottish Cats

My acquaintance with Scottish cats began very unusual when I went to a veterinary clinic (at that time I was finishing my studies in 9th grade and wanted to continue my education in college as a veterinary surgeon and then to study as a veterinarian). In the corridor of the veterinary clinic I saw a woman holding a kitty of indescribable beauty. This cat was of blue-cream color and it was very different from all the other cats I've ever seen. It was clear that the cat was thoroughbred, with a thick short hair, a very beautiful head. And, of course, she it into my soul. I decided to wait for this woman and ask her what kind of kitty it is, and also whether it is possible to buy this kitty.

I had to wait for a long time (almost an hour), I was already tired of waiting and left the hospital, but I could not leave. Apparently fate pushed me to this breed.

And so, this woman appeared. Of course, I was delighted and went up to her with questions. The woman was very kind and told that this kitty of her breeding, that it was already 6 months old and she brought it to the vaccination. But she also said that she would not sell this cat, but she would soon have kittens and then I could choose a baby. I was very happy, left her my phone number and waited for the call. A few months later she called me and said that the kittens were already born, grew up a little and I can come for a kitten.

And, of course, I went for a kitten! She showed me 3 kittens: 2 girls (blue-cream) and cream-colored boy. They were born on July 12, 2003. I wanted to take the girl, but the creamy boy clung to me and I could not unhook it, and then, when it was put on the floor, it immediately began to try to climb on my leg. That's how a new friend appeared in my family! The breeder told about the baby's parents, showed its father and mother. The parents were very beautiful, and the cat-mother had strange ears, they were not visible at all, as they were folded to her head. I also learned that her cats have documents that she bought a female-cat very expensively at the cat show, and her male-cat (kittens' father ) was given to her by friends (they bought it in an expensive cattery).

My passion for this breed started with this kitten!

Pomeranian dogs

About Pomeranian (Deutscher Spitz-Zwergspitz) dogs, I can only say one thing: as soon as I saw this breed, these little fluffy, intelligent, cheerful, with a huge amount of energy, ready to follow the owner to the edge of the world of lumps, I immediately wanted a puppy of this breed!

I thought for a long time and in 2012 I bought my favorite Pomeranian Katrin with an interesting pedigree.

Later this girl grew up and turned into a beautiful dog, is pleases me every day.

With this dog my breeding work began.

Since then, cats and dogs have come into my life, every day I admire my favorite animals and am happy that I have them!

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